Our Mission
We are a U.K. Charity dedicated to facilitating access to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine (STEM or STEMM) subjects for young people who may not otherwise be able to enter these fields. As a small charity our focus is on providing assistance to students from underrepresented socioeconomic backgrounds as well as initiatives to reduce gender inequality across STEM professions.  We achieve this by partnering exclusively with higher education institutions and other organisations dedicated to widening access to education. While we fund some one-off events and multi-year initiatives, the bulk of our funding is used to provide bursaries and scholarships to specific students chosen by our partner universities and colleges.
For Students & Institutions
To keep our overheads low and ensure as much of the money we have goes directly to students we work by providing funds to academic and educational institutions who are in a better place to select and administer the support. Many of these take the form of bursaries and scholarships but we do fund other activities from time to time. Our focus is on later years (13+, mostly 18+) education at present. 

Please note, we do not support students directly as we do not have the administration or legal capacity to do so.  All Roysia Foundation awards are administered by our partner universities/organisations and not ourselves. Sadly we do not have the bandwidth or training to provide educational advice to students, if you're a student and need help or advice on the right career path, please see our links page for organisations that can hopefully give you the help you need.
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