The Roysia Foundation was founded by Dr Lee Harland & Dr Anna Gaulton in 2021 to tackle issues close to their hearts, having first hand experience of some of the challenges building careers within the STEM industry. Through the foundation they hope to empower the next generation of scientists, doctors, technologists & engineers benefiting both the individuals themselves and the UK as a whole.
Dr. Lee Harland - Trustee & Chair
Lee is a scientist and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in commercial science. Lee has worked for both small and large life science companies since graduating from the University of Manchester and Kings College London. He is a life-long supporter of cross-industry collaboration and public-private partnerships to build broader communities within science. He is currently the chair of the Roysia Foundation. Lee's LinkedIn Profile.
Dr. Anna Gaulton - Trustee
Anna is a scientist with a long career working in the open science domain, supporting research & development across the globe. Anna is a graduate of the University Of Manchester and has worked at a number of commercial and non-profit organisations. Anna's LinkedIn Profile.
Rev. David Chadwick - Trustee
David is a Church of England vicar at St. Paul's church in Sunderland. A Cambridge University graduate, David has extensive experience in the challenges faced by those who feel left behind by modern society. David brings a wealth of knowledge on practical steps to address poverty and discrimination.
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